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A Message from our Principal

It was a great start to the family night program on Friday September 29th. We had over forty people attend a fun filled hour and a half of bingo. There were many prizes awarded which were graciously purchased by PAC. Thank you to all who attended the evening. Your commitment to the program is what ensures its continuation and makes the school richer all around. After all, the strength of the school is not only determined by the educational practices occurring during the day but also through a strong sense of belonging, just like a tightknit community!

As was the case last year, I like to discuss certain educational/parenting topics that are pertinent to elementary school. This month I chose to write about the view that intelligence is fixed or static. We now know that this is not the case. “Intelligence is like a muscle: it can be developed with use. What’s more, if you believe that’s true, your brain will get even smarter” (Markham, Laura 2017). Essentially, children that believe they can get smarter, will get smarter as they will seek out activities and experiences that are challenging, hence strengthening the intelligence muscle. It is important as parents and educators that we do not devoid our children of important opportunities to learn. We used to climb trees as children to help with muscle growth, dexterity and for the sheer challenge. However, this favorite past time seems to have diminished for various reasons. We must exercise caution and balance reason with irrational fear while allowing our children to partake in activities that are safe but at the same time pertinent to physical and cognitive growth. Likewise, when we see our children struggle in social settings, academics or sports, we must resist the urge to “jump” in and solve their issues. The struggles they endure will have far greater benefits in the long run and less detriment to their capabilities as they age.  

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