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A Message from our Principal

                While the month of December has fewer school days than most it is jam packed with special events. We have much to be proud of at our little school with a big heart. Celebrating our achievements, successes and endeavors is paramount to ensuring a strong community school with high academic standards. Please take a look at the calendar so as to not miss any of the upcoming events; particularly the school wide play on December 14th.

In closing, I would like to take a quick moment to discuss a component of the Barrowtown operational plan. At Barrowtown we strive to incorporate parental engagement and sense of belonging to bolster student achievement. The research surrounding sense of belonging and community engagement is clear. If a child has a sense of belonging and the parents feel supported, the child will excel cognitively, socially and academically. One such program we have developed over the past two school years is the Family Night program.

                On the final Friday evening of each month, Barrowtown elementary opens its doors to the community whereby for 2 hours we engage in family activities. Some months we play bingo with prizes handed out (graciously paid for by the PAC). Other nights we order supper and watch a movie. During festive months such as October we engage in Halloween activities such as a pumpkin carving contest, cakewalk, face painting and a donut eating contest; again PAC provides a hefty donation in prizes and funding of activities. Likewise, we have partnered up with community businesses like Wisbies farms who donate 60 pumpkins to help with the pumpkin carving contest. The parents and local businesses rally around our little school to support our unique and vibrant learning center while also coming together each month as the community of Barrowtown itself.

                The only restrictions imposed on the Family night program are: parents must attend with their child (drop offs are not allowed) and secondly, enjoy the evening as a family and a community. I am always encouraged by the numbers each evening as the success of the program, among other things, hinges on parental engagement. Typically, our numbers range between 45-115 in attendance. For a school of our size these numbers are impressive and significant. Without the constant attendance the Family night program would not be the success that it has become. I love hearing the chatter and banter of the students in the week leading up to the Family night. The school has become a place where the entire community can get together once a month to “catch-up” and reconnect; and in a fast moving society slowing down and reconnecting with the people in our community is essential.




Tyler Baruta


Barrowtown Elementary  

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