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Emergency Procedures

Should the need and situation arise, schools in Abbotsford can be placed under one of four ‘emergency actions’ or statuses (effective as of September 8, 2015) to ensure the security and safety of students and employees:
◦Drop, Cover and Hold: Students and staff get under nearby desks and hold for 60 seconds at least. This action would be taken during an earthquake to protect students and staff from flying and falling debris. Also to be used in the event of an explosion.
◦Evacuate: Typically implemented when conditions make it unsafe to remain in the building.
◦Shelter in Place: All school windows and exterior doors are closed and locked. This is a short-term measure to protect students and staff from an extenuating circumstance. For example: an environmental weather-related emergency, a police situation in close proximity, a potentially dangerous wild animal, or a situation where evacuation may pose a greater risk than sheltering in place. In most cases regular classroom and school activity can continue inside the building. 
◦Lockdown: Used to prevent intruders from entering occupied areas of school buildings. Involves isolating students and school staff from danger or a threat through the restriction of student and staff movement.

In all scenarios, special considerations are to be taken by teachers and supervisors for the care and evacuation of students with special needs.

These actions are put in to place by either a school administrator (Principal, Vice-Principal, or if neither available, the Teacher-in-Charge), a district Assistant Superintendent or the Superintendent. Procedures are practiced at each school at various times through the year. Procedures are developed in accordance with information provided by the Ministry of Education, and in partnership with Abbotsford Police Department. The APD supports the district in a number of ways, from helping to develop guidelines, to training, to responding to schools.

If you have any questions regarding these protocols, please contact your child’s school Principal/Vice-Principal.