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Blog: Friday, February 14th, 2020

With great appreciation from Barrowtown

Dear Barrowtown Parents,

Thanks to the continued help and support from our PAC, parents and grandparents, our school is able to organize and to provide more opportunities to our students during and outside school hours.  It is with great appreciation that we thank the following:

a.  Opening of Kids' Clubhouse:  

This month, we officially opened the Kids' Clubhouse for our grades K to 5 students to use for their student-led clubs, activities, games and student-run library.  We thank Jillian and Ms.  Kooyman for cutting the red ribbon during our ceremony to officially open the Kids' Clubhouse.

Note:  If you have books, games, building toys in good condition that you would like to donate to the Kids' Clubhouse, please send them to the school with your child(ren).  We will put them to good use.

b.  Family Night Disco Bowling (and Pre-Bowling Pizza Gathering):

We sure enjoyed the company and help from the participating families:

Hooge family, Quebec family, Khaira family, Weins family, Wiebe family, Smagh family, Dulong family, Bachra family, Rakkar family & Slomp family 

c.  Ice Skating:

We appreciate all the help and support with tying skates, helping students on and off the ice, and with the supervision:

Wiens family, Slomp family, James family, Vanderwal family, Kooyman/Fadden family, Barwich family, Smagh family, Brar family, Rehaan family, Dulong family, Wiebe family, Janzen family, Khaira family, Rakkar family & Sayn family

d.  Emergency Supplies:

We thank the Sayn family for donating boxes of water bottles for our emergency supplies.

e.  Hot Lunch & Pancakes & Popcorn:

We thank the Ringrose & Stevenson family for preparing the delicious hamburgers, the Wiens & Smagh family for the tasty pancakes, and the Quebec family, Wiebe family and Smagh family for the yummy popcorn.


Thank you!!!




Terry Jung


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