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Blog: Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Thank you!


Because of our P.A.C. and Parent Volunteers . . .


It is the sense of community at Barrowtown Elementary that makes our school such a wonderful place to learn and grow. With the help of our parent volunteers, the school is a safer place, and our students have greater opportunities to get involved. They give their time for our children, and Barrowtown Elementary is a better place thanks to the tireless efforts of our P.A.C. and parent volunteers. They can be seen helping out with supervision, reading with our students, preparing hot lunch or making pancakes, supporting extra-curricular clubs, helping out on field trips, raising funds for the school, organizing major events, and so much more. Community participation plays an important part in building the spirit of our school community. It is with gratitude and appreciation that we thank our P.A.C. and parent volunteers for all that they do.  


Note:  For this month, we thank our PAC members (Jolene, Sara-Jane, Kayla & Michaela) for making the delicious pancakes. We also thank Miranda and Georgia for helping to distribute the hot lunch -Terry Jung




Hallowe’en Fun Night


It was wonderful seeing so many of our Barrowtown students and their family members at this year’s Hallowe’en Fun Night event.  The favourite part of the evening was different for each of the children.  Some enjoyed the fun activities in the gym and eating the tasty barbecue hot dogs/hamburgers, while others had fun dressing up and trying out all the different desserts.  In the end, it was about celebrating as a community on a special day in the company of family, friends and schoolmates.


A big event such as this one could not have been made possible without the tremendous hard work from our PAC, staff, students and volunteers.  Thank you:


-The PAC parents and families who successfully organized and looked after the activities and important details (ie. Wiens family, Kooyman family, Ringrose family, Hooge family, Barwich family, Stevenson family, and others).


-The students who helped set up and decorate the gym.


-The teachers/staff for their support and help where needed.


-Mr. Lorence, Ms. Havery, and Ms. Ringrose for overseeing the barbecue food, desserts and drinks


-Ms. Treliving for greeting and overseeing the check-in table throughout the night.


-Ms. Wiens for organizing the activity stations and Ms. Kooyman for initiating the Hallowen banner project


-Former students and student volunteers for running the activity stations.


-Members of the Abbotsford Rotary for clowning around and twisting balloons


-The parents who sponsored activity stations and those who helped clean up.


-All the Barrowtown parents, grandparents and family members who came out to support the special event.


-Ms. Kanwaljit, our custodian, who arrived at the school at the perfect time, and through her hard work, made it look like our big Hallowe'en party never even happened.




Once again, we would like thank all the families who attended our special event.  We look forward to seeing you at the next one.




Terry Jung