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Greenhouse Program at Barrowtown

The Barrowtown Elementary School greenhouse was donated to our school by Prins Greenhouses after our school won the Sustainability contest in the district.  We compost our materials, grow seeds in our greenhouse, tend to our plants and transfer some of these to the outdoor gardens built by our parent volunteers. 
When students step into a greenhouse, it is clear that the classroom walls have disappeared, and the opportunities for investigating and learning have begun. With so many senses stimulated, students can't help but become curious observers and active inquirers. A greenhouse is an ecological island separated from its surroundings, experiencing its own seasonal and annual cycles, and featuring fascinating and complex interrelationships. Your students can examine and adjust the climate while exploring plants and other organisms.
Even in a small greenhouse, students learn about plants as whole systems. They can experiment with water movement, pollination, and nutrition, and explore relationships between plants and insects. They can try to simulate different habitats, and understand how physical factors and climate relate to plant type and growth.
Integrating a greenhouse as a learning environment offers boundless opportunities for promoting student responsibility, and helps develop students' confidence and pride as they display and share the fruits (and vegetables and flowers) of their labours.