Dig For Your Rights!

We are excited to be one of only a few schools in the Fraser Valley to pilot the Dig For Your Rights literacy program. This program is created and supported by Dr. Michelle Superle. Dr. Superle is an Associate Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley and a Research Associate with the Food and Agriculture Institute. We are so appreciative of the support for our program that we are fortunate to receive from Dr. Superle and her team at UFV.

The Dig For Your Rights! Program combines literacy and agriculture to get students thinking. The program uses picture books to engage students in problem-based learning and inquiry. Students will gain understanding and appreciation of the importance of land use, agriculture, and consumers in our local food systems.

Throughout the course of this program students from all grades engage in literacy activities that connect ideas and images that they explore in books with principles from the United Nations Rights of a Child.  Students develop creative responses, create research questions around a chosen topic, and develop projects to demonstrate what they discover in their inquiries.