Our mission at Barrowtown Elementary is to provide a unique educational opportunity that fosters and academic and personal success for our students by using agriculture, sustainability, and environmental stewardship as lenses for inquiry and rich hands-on learning.

Nestled in the heart of a rural agrarian community, Barrowtown Elementary School has an ideal setting for exploring outdoor and joyful inquiry-based learning.

Our school boasts several unique amenities that lend themselves to supporting student innovation, exploration, and leadership. Barrowtown Elementary offers students a large fully equipped professional style greenhouse, 3 indoor hydroponic growing stations, and beautiful outdoor space with our own little “farm fields” for our fruit and vegetable crops to grow.

When students step out to our little school farm, it is clear that classroom walls disappear and opportunities for investigation, exploration, and learning abound. With so many senses stimulated, students can’t help but become curious observers and active inquirers.

Our program and outdoor spaces provide access for our students to boundless opportunities that promote responsibility, develop pride and resilience, and exploration of the BC Curriculum.

We are so proud of our students and their learning. We welcome questions and visitors.

Come join us and “dig deep” into learning!